My Service Coordinator is very prompt and efficient in gathering up any information that I need. She keeps me advised of changes and information that I need. She is concerned and caring about me as a person. She checks up on me and is very supportive, especially when I tried to quit smoking. She is very knowledgeable of all services. She is very pleasant and kind and she has a good personality.

Karen Zimmerman

It’s hard when you are fighting a disability alone, and it’s a blessing to have someone fight for you.

Timothy Barrax

My Service Coordinator is a very dedicated and caring service coordinator to the point where she will double-check and even make personal sacrifices to make sure things are going right for you. When I first moved here, I had nothing. she was the one who stopped by to see that my needs were being met, even going so far to donate personal time and effort. If it weren’t for her getting the ball rolling, my life might still be at a standstill. She does whatever it takes to get her consumers all the services they require to live independently, even if it means she needs to “rattle a few cages” for them. I really can’t say enough good about her and recommend her to anyone with a disability.

Tim Hunter

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